Stripping a Vehicle

“Stripping,” which is the removal of protruding elements from a vehicle before vinyl install.  We have found there are installers on both sides. One group prefers to keep the removal or parts to a minimum and wrap around most intrusions and obstacles. The other, prefers to remove any part that will allow for a smoother install.

We at Computercut Signs follow the ethos of removing parts from certain vehicles to improve the quality of each install and to make for a very clean look.

We will discuss the pros and cons of stripping, which is the removal of vehicle parts at the beginning of the installation progress.

DC, Owner of Computercut Signs, says, "Stripping takes time to prep but we can save a lot of time in application. When we strip parts of a vehicle it is easy to apply the vinyl with no obstacles."


1) Removing door handles can be very helpful because the vinyl will lay flat when setting up the vinyl wrap. This allows for a smooth application and we do not have to cut around the door handle or cutting through to the paint. We are well equipped and very knowledgeable about removing and reattaching parts.

mustang reattaching

2) Our installers remove parts such as emblems, roof strips and vents allowing for seamless application.

"It is preferable to remove all the intrusions and obstacles, so that we can lay the film down without any blade trimming on the vehicle. This provides our clients with the optimal outcome with their design", says Steve our Expert Production Manager.

3) When working on the intricate areas such as door handles, locks and mirrors we choose to remove them from the vehicle which allows us easy access on all sides. As you can imagine, having these parts removed allows us to easily position the graphics accordingly and with ease. The difficult areas become much easier to maneuverer.

4) Now when it comes to removing large parts, such as bumpers, we gain easier access and can clean the hard-to-reach areas. Also, we are able to install the wrap to the ends of the bumpers or wrap on the inseam.

mustang boot5) On occasions, the simple step of removing an antenna can sustainably cut the time it takes to complete a roof installation. It also gives us the ability to wrap the antenna more thoroughly as a separate piece.

After the removal of the various parts, installation is now relatively straightforward, an easier process and more time efficient.

Steve says, "Removing parts really finishes the job."

DC and Steve have high standards and expert skill sets, so you can trust their advanced industry opinion.


In some instances, removing parts can be time consuming, less cost effective or prohibited by an owner. We will discuss some of the drawbacks to consider when it comes to parts removal.

1) In some instances, a customer may have to pay extra to have parts removed for installation. We include any stripping costs in the quote or we will notify you of extra installation costs along the way.

2) If someone doesn’t know what they are doing they could remove parts that cannot be reinstalled, which creates problems for themselves and the customer. Hence why we have specialists who focus on stripping and install.

3) Vehicles can have certain parts that are quite complex and may require special tools to complete removal. We have the necessary tools for our employees to work efficiently and to highest standard

When it comes to stripping a vehicle, we consider the year, make and model. There are vehicles with parts that are not made to be removed. If these parts are removed there could be extra cost and then if not adhered properly, they can cause problems in the future. At Computercut Signs, our installers are focused on education to ensure the best quality vehicle wrap every time.

Overall, when we strip the final product looks better and the clients can rest easy knowing that through the entire install, no sharp blades will touch their duco." says DC the Owner of Computercut Signs

We treat every vehicle as if it were our own and provide optimal customer service!