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DIY Install of Vinyl Stickers - Hinge Method

We explain how to install vinyl stickers yourself. Our DIY step by step guide walks you through each step with directions and video.

Hinge Method - DIY home installs

Nervous you made turn a perfectly attractive sticker into a twisted clump or a wrinkled mess filled with bubbles? Here are some DIY tips and instructions that will help you apply your vinyl stickers with ease!


  • Painter's Tape
  • Scissors
  • Patience
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Clean cloth

TIP 1: Clean Surface

You always want to work on a clean surface. Pre-wash the area where the vinyl sticker is going using soap and water. (Alternatively, you can use a 50 / 50 water / alcohol solution.) After cleaning with soapy water, rinse thoroughly with water until no soap or residue remains

TIP 2: Apply When Temperatures Are Moderate

For the best results, install your vinyl stickers on a moderate day with average temperature. Also, if possible, work in a shaded area.

TIP 3: Remember to take your time

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Choose where you want the sticker to go.
    Be sure to line it up and centre it. You can eyeball it or measure from the edges.
  2. Positioning the sticker with an adhesive - We suggest Painter's Tape
    Painter's Tape or a nonabrasive masking tape can help you to position the vinyl sticker exactly where you want it. Leaving the white backing paper in place and facing the surface you are applying it to, position the sticker where you want it to go.
  3. Step back to double check it is centred or where you want it to be.
  4. Place a piece of masking tape along the top edge of the sticker—this fix it in the proper location.
  5. Fold back on one side and lift the sticker as if it’s on a hinge
  6. Peel off the backing paper.
  7. Cut off excesses backing paper
  8. While holding onto the bottom edge, slowly lower the sticker, using the thumb of your other hand to press from the centre out and gradually working your way from top to bottom.
    Start from the centre - press down, working your way out to the outside edges


Now repeat DIY on the other side

  1. Follow back other side
  2. Remove the rest of the backing paper
  3. Start from the centre - press down, working your way out to the outside edges
  4. Check for bubbles and bumps; push them out towards the closest edge

If you have any question about our DIY Hinge Method, please contact us by clicking here!