Vinyl Done Right

Generating over double the amount of interest produced by billboard advertising, vehicle wraps are a great, cost effective way of promoting your business. However, when done poorly, vinyl wraps can tear, bubble and distort. This leads them to become dingy-looking, degrading your brand’s image.

Don’t waste your money on cheap laminates that you will have to replace. Get durable, high-quality signage from a company that understands the importance of UV laminating your digital prints the right way.

This means pairing the correct laminates with each type of vinyl. Every kind of print media has a matching laminate that shrinks at an equal rate. For example, issues arise when a Monomeric laminate is used on a Polymeric vinyl.

Prints also need an outgassing period of at least 48 hours to ensure the ink gasses don’t get trapped beneath the laminated surface. Trapped gasses can cause bubbles, or shrinkage, or both. Inexperience in these areas will usually lead to problems.

This is a sign made by our opposition. As you can see, when your sign maker cuts corners by using the wrong laminate or trying to rush the process, you get substandard results.

Poor quality vinyl laminate

At Computercut, we’ve been printing and laminating for over 20 years, so you’ll never have to worry about inexperience or quality issues.

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