Being Cheap Can Cost You

Saving money on cheap laminates will cost you in the long run.

For long term signs, UV laminate is important, but more importantly is choosing the correct laminates to protect your investment. At Computercut Signs we use a proven processes to ensure your signage will look great for the longest time possible.

We recently came across this sign (which we did not create). As you can see in the photo, when a sign maker cuts corners, it will make YOU look bad. Your signage is your brand and when it looks like this it degrades your image.

computer cut laminate

Note: This is not a Computercut Signs production.

Laminating issues can arise from a lack of knowledge in a couple of areas:

Wrong Laminate

Every type of print media has a matching laminate that will each shrink at an equal rate. eg. issues arise when a Monomeric laminate is used on a Polymeric vinyl (as per picture above)

Did NOT Outgas Digital

Prints must be left to outgas for a min. of 48 hours, otherwise ink gases will be trapped under the laminate and you will end up with bubbles, or shrinkage, or both. Inexperience in these areas will usually lead to problems. At Computercut Signs, we’ve been printing and laminating for over 20 years, so you’ll never have to worry about quality issues.



Computercut Signs has a very high standard and every print that comes off our printers is laminated unless specifically requested by the client to meet their budget. We choose to do this to ensure the print is protected from UV light when exposed to the harsh Australian climate, and to protect the signage from cleaning solvents. It’s because of this manufacturing process that Computercut Signs look better and last longer.

  • Lamination ensures the print is protected from UV light when used outdoors
  • Provides protection from cleaning solvents
  • Lamination increases visual appeal and longevity of the sign
  • High quality laminate complements existing print technologies and materials
  • Laminating signage enables you to clean and wash or wipe down your signage
  • In areas with lots of light, matte lamination can help to reduce glare on your signage, posters and displays
  • Lamination protects the print and gives your signage a high quality glossy finish
  • Laminate is water and dirt resistant so can be used in wet or dirty environments

Overall, laminating your signage is the ideal choice to keep your brand looking great. It preservers the usability of your signage by providing a longer display and thus saves you money. We are here to assist you with updating your image through outstanding signage, TODAY! Contact us HERE!