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Our Approach

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Yes, signs are important and we understand that. The way the world perceives you and your business is therefore a priority. We all know how important first impressions are, and presenting yourself with a top notch identity does wonders. Our #1 Priority is make you look fantastic and feel looked after, by using the best quality materials and the best customer service.

Most importantly, we can prove it. Contact Us today and see!

Our Story

Computercut Signs in Caloundra have been open for business for 30 years now, for that reason it makes us more than a little proud. It also makes it evident we're great at what we do. We're dedicated to making you look great, so you'll feel like you're being looked after and receive the kind of quality workmanship you'll be excited about for years. With combined industry experience of over 55 years we know what quality and endurance means - and consequently what it means to you.

Meet the Team

 Signs and logos don't make themselves.
Here are the humans behind the success of Computercut Signs Caloundra. Most noteworthy is that we work together like a well-oiled machine. Consequently, it's about team-playing and core skills (and a good sense of humour helps).

Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Darren Carter

Darren Carter

- The Boss Guy -

Darren runs Computercut Signs and has done for most of his life. He knows about customer care. As a result, he knows about signage. Darren pretty much knows everything about the industry. And similarly, he's a top bloke too. Well, he's the boss, so we have to say that.

Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Steve Nutt


- The Production Guy -

Steve's been with Computercut for nearly a decade. To say Steve knows signage is an understatement. Under hypnosis he'd probably claim to have practically invented sign production. Even more, it's pretty much become part of his DNA via osmosis. His street name is "Fully Sick Wrapper" and his first-born was named "Corflute".

Jesse Holt


- The Newbie -

Jesse is the newest addition to the outfit. He's the Master's Apprentice. Jesse's on the tools, and above all, does a great job. Jesse has made his way up from Melbourne and as a volunteer firefighter, he has definitely got what it takes to be a legendary member of the Computercut team.

Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Designer


- The Graphics Guru -

Robyn has been in the design industry for over 2 decades. As a design guru, Rob is so passionate about design that she would work 24/7 if she could. Her forte is anything to do with design including wordpress websites.

Next Steps...

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