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Yes, signs are important and we understand that. The way the world perceives you and your business is therefore a priority. We all know how important first impressions are, and presenting yourself with a top notch identity does wonders. Our #1 Priority is make you look fantastic and feel looked after, by using the best quality materials and the best customer service.

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Our Story

Computercut Signs in Caloundra have been open for business for 30 years now, for that reason it makes us more than a little proud. It also makes it evident we're great at what we do. We're dedicated to making you look great, so you'll feel like you're being looked after and receive the kind of quality workmanship you'll be excited about for years. With combined industry experience of over 55 years we know what quality and endurance means - and consequently what it means to you.

Meet the Team

 Signs and logos don't make themselves.
Here are the humans behind the success of Computercut Signs Caloundra. Most noteworthy is that we work together like a well-oiled machine. Consequently, it's about team-playing and core skills (and a good sense of humour helps).

Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Darren Carter

Darren Carter

- The Boss Guy -

Let me tell you the tale of Darren (DC), the eternal commander of Computercut Signs, a place he's called home for so long, he probably has a signpost in his backyard pointing to his morning coffee spot. He's got more knowledge about signage than a dictionary has words, and if you ever need a sign-related trivia buddy, Darren's your man. But don't be fooled by his boss title; this guy's not just a sign sage, he's also a top bloke, or so we're obliged to say because, well, he signs the paychecks.

But wait, there's more to Darren than his sign superhero cape – this guy is also a rock-climbing aficionado. Yes, you heard it right, the man who conquers the world of signage also conquers cliffs and crags on weekends. We all know Darren is the real sign whisperer, sandwich slayer, and cliff conqueror extraordinaire!



Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Steve Nutt


- The Production Guy -

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and brace yourselves for the legend in the sign industry, none other than the one and only Steve Nutt, or as we affectionately call him, Nutty! This guy has been jazzing up signs longer than some of us have been trying to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet (spoiler alert: it's still a mystery).

With over a decade of sign wizardry under his belt, Steve is a fully sick wrapper – and no, that doesn't mean he's caught a cold from too much vinyl. His car wrapping skills are so tight; even the vehicles themselves stop to admire their new look. Rumor has it, if you're ever lost in a sea of bland signage, just follow the trail of sparkles and Nutty's there, probably installing a sign upside down just for kicks.

When it comes to sign installation, Steve Nutt takes it to a whole new level – a level where normal folks fear to tread, but for Nutty, it's just another day in the wild world of wacky wrappers!



- The Graphics Guru -


- The Signage Superhero -

Ah, enter Klaudia Cor, the sign superhero hailing all the way from Germany! This linguistic maestro can charm you in both Polish and German, and if you're lucky, she might even throw in some Aussie slang just for kicks. She's been Down Under for 15 months now, and rumor has it she's mastered the art of deciphering kangaroo dialects – Crikey!

But here's the real deal: Klaudia's passion for car wrapping is so intense; even her dreams probably have pinstripes. If you see a car driving around with a neon sign saying, "Klaudia was here," you know who's been spreading the vehicle love. Australia might have thought they were ready for Klaudia, but little did they know, she brought a whole new level of sign-installing mischief with her!

Computercut Signs Caloundra - Staff - Designer


- The Graphics Guru -

Meet Rob, the grandmaster of design who's been rocking the creative scene for more than two decades – that's right, she's been dodging bad color combos and battling font disasters since before some of us learned to tie our shoes! This design diva is so head-over-heels for her craft that if it were socially acceptable, she'd probably be sketching logos in her sleep. Her superpower? Turning mundane vehicles into rolling pieces of art with her mad skills in vehicle wraps. But let's not kid ourselves, anything design-related makes her heart go pitter-patter.

Designing 24/7? For Robyn, that's not a job, that's a lifestyle choice!

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