Not All Swag Is Created Equal

It may seem like an obvious statement, but there are companies putting up with sub-par swag. There’s a huge difference between being thoughtful with your company swag items and just throwing your company logo on the cheapest thing you can find. Using items that are useful or wearable go beyond what you might think.

Investing in high-quality swag has the potential to earn you extra brand impressions, build awareness, cultivate strong company culture, and build good rapport between your brand and your prospects.


Make sure it holds value

The number one rule when considering company swag is making sure it’s high-quality and holds value with the user.

Whether it’s t-shirts, cheese boards, or water bottles, the first thing you’ll want to be sure of is that it’s a quality item. Choose something of true value, so people use it over and over. When you take the time to pick out swag items that are worthwhile, people are going to use it far beyond the first week or two. We suggest giving your swag more longevity and the chance to earn more impressions.

Plus, you want people to enjoy using your swag items. When they do enjoy an item, they tell people, giving you more positive word of mouth buzz. Therefore, we suggest don’t cut corners.

The fact is, investing in company swag and promo materials is going to cost some amount of money. So, if you have the means, front the little bit of extra cost to make sure your company swag sticks around for a long time, and doesn’t get tossed out in a month.


Choose useful

Our next rule for choosing quality swag is to make sure it’s something that is useful in everyday life.
Think about how much more beneficial it is when employees and customers are taking your swag home and actually using it.

If it’s something like a t-shirt, water bottle, or stubby cooler, not only is your employee or client excited about them, but they’re also travelling around using those items, exposing more people to your brand.

Always consider when purchasing swag the impressions you can gain when people like to take their branded gear into everyday life.


Be inclusive

The word ‘inclusiveness’ has been getting a lot of buzz – and for good reason.

So, how does swag fit in to this?

When you’re planning your company swag items, be sure to think of everyone in the office. Perhaps refrain from shot glasses or golf balls. Instead select an everyday item such as a cutting board.

Or if you’re ordering apparel like t-shirts, be sure to include options in a women’s cut, not just unisex.


Having options like this is a small way to promote inclusion and make sure everyone feels appreciated and cared for.

Choose wisely, friends!

As you can see, selecting swag requires more thought and planning than simply what’s cheapest or easiest. Making a good choice could mean the difference between swag that’s loved and used, versus swag that’s in the bin before by the end of the week.

Taking the time to pick out the right swag will gain you impressions, promote company culture, and promote positive brand awareness.

Follow these tips, ask us and you are sure to find the perfect swag that people will actually love to use.