Why Are Car Wraps Better for Business?

Using a car wrap is a new and really agile way to get your business name out there. Studies in America have shown that vehicle wrapping reaches more than 90% of the population, which is extremely effective advertising by anyone’s reckoning!

Not only is wrapping capable of reaching pretty much everyone you want to reach, but it’s also much cheaper than a paint job.

There’s many more benefits to wrapping over painting, too, so here are just a few of the bigger ones.

Vinyl wraps are very durable

A vinyl wrap not only advertises your business, it also protects your vehicle and its paintwork, which can help to maintain its resale value. A wrap is fairly resistant to dings and scratches from gravel and stones on the road, as well as tocorrosive substances like bird poo.

It’s much cheaper than a new paint job

A good repaint for a car starts at around $1,500, whereas a basic name and logo wrap is around $550. Essentially, if you need to change your branding or message, you can get three new wraps for the price of one respray!

The graphics look much better

It can be difficult to paint graphics on a car or a van because, well, human error! With a wrap, a lot of the design and manufacture is done with a specialised programme that can adjust images and letters around the contours of the vehicle.

When you need a change, you just peel it off

When the time comes to rebrand or sell the vehicle, all you need to do is peel away the film and you’re back to the original paintwork. What’s more, the paintwork will have been protected from the elements all the while.

A wrap takes much less time

A full respray can take at least a week and then you have to factor in the time it takes for the paint to dry and harden before you can drive it around the city. A wrap takes just three or four days and you’re good to go as soon as you pick the vehicle up.

You’ll save time and money on maintenance

If you’re using your vehicle as a moving advert then you need to keep it looking its best. Washing, waxing, inspecting…these all take time and money; with a wrap, all you need to do is wash to look fresh and new.

Wraps offer many more options for customisation

One of the problems with paint is that your company colours might look great for your company, but when you sell the car, you’ll lose the cost of a respray because the new owner may want different. You can also add and take away logos, promotions, messages and images with much greater ease (and much less money) than you can with paint.