Get Out! Indoor Media Works but It Won’t Pull the Punters In

You can invest loads of time and money in getting your indoor visual marketing just right, but it’ll be wasted money and effort if no one comes through the door to see it! This is why you also need to up your outdoor signage game.

Your outdoor signs don’t only let passers-by know you’re there, they invite them in to take a closer look, too. Your outdoor signage is a brilliant branding mechanism, especially if you’ve got your company colours and logo right.

It’s also about the type of sign and its position, though, so have a think about how you could improve your pavement presence.

Consider a sandwich board rather than an overhead sign

If your shop is in a heavy footfall area, most people will be focused on the pavement level so they don’t bump into one another. This makes the humble sandwich board more effective. You might think it’s a bit old-fashioned now, but if it works…

Send up a balloon

If you’re having a big sale or you’re opening a new store altogether than you need to shout it from the rooftops with an inflatable. This sort of stunt is better than the sandwich board because it’s unusual and it’s also going to attract much more attention than an overhead sign if you’re in a high-traffic area. As for looking tacky? Just make sure your inflatable has a good sense of humour and front it out. Let’s face it, you’ll never reach these dizzying heights of tacky

An outdoor billboard

More than 75% of drivers read billboards when they go past, so if you can afford the expense, use one because it’s incredibly effective. Put the effort into the design, because this investment gives great returns.

Illuminated signs

If you opt for an overhead sign then lighting it up is a good way to get it noticed. You might want to shine lights onto it or you may decide to use the latest “neon” LED strips to grab attention. Brighter and more colourful lights work well in the daytime as well as at night when it comes to being noticed.

Special banners

Of course, you’ve already got your permanent sign and sandwich board, but when you’ve got your New Year sale, you need to let everyone know with a temporary banner. These banners are quite simple creatures – all you’ll need is your special font, your branding and the size of the discounts. Once people are inside, they can find out the finer details before grabbing their bargains.