Social Media Signage

Why Quality Design Matters

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously online, whether it’s on their own website or out in the rough seas of social media, has to use good design or they’ll sink without a trace.

You’ve probably already got your message and your content pinned down and working well for you, but that’s only half the battle.

Your design is just as important as your message

Your content isn’t just your written copy, it’s the design as well and both have to work well – and together – in order to reach your audience. If you’re finding you’re not getting the traffic despite new and engaging content and sparkling images, then it could well be your design that’s letting you down. Your design invites people in to look out the rest of your content and if it doesn’t appeal, they’re not going to risk their time and effort on you.

Almost half of your visitors will see your design as their most important criterion when it comes to deciding whether to dive in further or not. If your site immediately looks well-organised, well laid out and the design features are attractive, they’ll assume that the entire website will be easy to get through, easy to understand and involve the minimum of effort on their part.

Digital signage offers almost infinite flexibility

In the olden days, signs were expensive to design and produce. You’d have a graphic designer at the drawing board, using paper, ink and time. If a design went wrong, he or she would have to start from scratch with a clean sheet of paper.

If you’re using a programme, you can wipe the screen clean with a keyboard stroke, or iron out errors with a smoothing tool. You’ll still have to spend some time to get it right, of course, but nowhere near as much as with the old-fashioned methods.

If it’s this easy to create great design, then there’s no excuse for you not doing it. If you’re seen to have neglected this vital element of your window-dressing, then people will assume that this attitude carries over into your content, your customer service and your products and services.

Showing good design shows you care about quality and customer experience so it’s really not something to be neglected.