Instant Art for Your Home

All houses need a bit of art on the walls as it makes the place a home but the trouble is that too many people have the same prints, often in the same frames and it all looks very, well…samey.

Until recently, homemade art, such as kids’ drawings and family photos, had to be presented in particular ways. Kids’ artwork tended to be stuck to the fridge with magnets, where it all faded and became more tattered with each passing month and photos were tucked into small frames. If you tried to blow up the photo it became grainy and wishy-washy, so you were somewhat limited by this. Small frames in hallways it was, then…

Now, you can go large

One thing that the ever-increasing resolution of our digital cameras has offered us is the facility to blow up images without losing clarity or showing up too many pixels.

This means that you can now display your very favourite family photos as large prints on your wall, rather than hidden away in an album or in a poky frame in the downstairs bathroom. Your best moments can be writ large on canvases and take pride of place in your dining room or bedroom and you don’t have to squint to see them.

You can turn that “naïve” artwork into an actual work of art

Too many of your children’s first drawings wind up in the bin after becoming sun-bleached and ragged. You know you want to keep them forever, but it’s hard to love that scrap of paper after a year or so. The best solution in this case is to turn it into a framed canvas that won’t fade with the passage of time. You can also get smaller versions made for the grandparents or for that favourite kindie teacher as a keepsake when it’s time to go to school.

There’s nothing more original

By far the best thing about turning a favourite image into a canvas print is the fact that no-one else will have it (unless you make it for them…). There are so many moments in life that you want to preserve for ever and share with your loved ones and this is a brilliant way to do just that.