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CNC Routing

Make your sign stand out from the rest without going overboard on cost, by combining vinyl graphics with 3D rendering your sign is gauranteed to have impact. We are able to route sheet sizes of up to 4m x 2m and capable of cutting and engraving most materials including Aluminium Composite, Acrylic, Timber, Aluminium, MDF, Polystyrene Stainless Steel Polycarbonate and more.

Your sign may be any shape, as the computer contolled router cuts out your unique design, with added options like polished edges on acrylic as well as bevelled or rolled over edges on most materials. Ideal for anything from corporate logos to re-usable spray stecils.

Laser Engraving
Using the latest technology we can engrave on wood, leather, plastics, engraving laminates and most other metals. Ideal for badges, plaques, plates and permant markings, the maximum engraving size is 600 x 600mm. Items larger than this may be able to be done by either our CNC router or Laser cutter depending on the material specifications.

Laser Cutting
Our Laser cutting machine is able to cut sheet sizes of up to 2.5m x 1.3m x 10mm thick Acrylic, MDF and plywood. The laser finishing ensures a polished edge on the acrylic and is also great for more detailed work, making this option ideal for closely viewed signage, eg. Reception signs, office branding, wayfinding signage.

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